Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Catch Up.

Not blogged for a while. OK, let me sum up why:

My stress and anxiety have come back recently and I am having trouble doing more than keeping kids clean and fed, let alone all the 20,00 other jobs a Mum and housewife have to do..... and then of course there is going to work as well.

Mum is still suffering and is a real worry at the moment, her health is deteriorating, and she is much more negative than before. Her brother in law is very unwell in hospital following a stroke, unfortunately he lives the other end of the country and we can do very little to help my aunt who is living through all the stress of hospital visiting and an uncertain future.

Pup's health is deteriorating, he has been very tired recently and has a fruity cough,  sadly not helped by one course of antibiotics. Following a recent outpatient appointment a decision was made that he is to be admitted to hospital soon for a course of intravenous antibiotics. He will also be seen by the gastro Doctors to try and get to the bottom of all the mysterious pains he is getting in his chest. They make him cry out in pain sometimes. In fact I've just had a call from the school to say he is getting pain today (he's been off school for the last two days with exhaustion and pain). Pup is in a low mood, and keeps saying he can't cope any more.

Tigs is his usual maddening and exhausting delightful and lively self. I do not look forward to seeing how he will react when Pup is in hospital. He was very distressed last time.

Himself is not too well, he has been tired for a while, and left for work this morning coughing non stop and with a very tight chest. I asked him not to go in, but he had an important meeting; I'm hoping he'll come straight home afterwards.

The weather is warming up, it is great to see bulbs rising and new life budding in all the dead looking plants in the garden - so I've been out there as much as possible recently getting it back into shape after 3 months of winter neglect. We love being in our garden, and all get a bit stir crazy in winter. Gardening is very good therapy as well!

The  boys want to dress up as Harry Potter for world book day tomorrow. It is taking me longer than I expected to make their robes. In fact Tigs is probably going as Ron Weasley; we had a little contretemps this morning when he insisted that he HAD to wear his old glasses (which he no longer needs) with the lenses still  in to be Harry. Apparently his teacher would be really really cross if we took the lenses out. When given the ultimatum that he could either have his glasses with no lenses or go as Ron, he decided on Ron, to my surprise. Now I have to find a way to give him red hair tomorrow, for one day only.

Our  wonderful Church has a 'meals on wheels'  service for anyone who needs extra support, and they will be supplying us with some frozen meals for next week, as Himself and I do the child trading routine which works for us when one of the boys is in hospital. One stays in with Pup, one stays home with Tigs, and we swap every 24 hours. That way we get a decent nights sleep every other night, and Tigs doesn't get traded around our friends like a parcel. He will get picked up from school by friends on a couple of nights, but we try and make that an exciting occasion for him.


  1. Gosh you really do have heaps going on right now, and it sounds like a really stressful time.
    I hope that Pups stay in hospital is a short one, and that he makes good progress.
    And I hope that you are well supported...your Church sounds amazing :-)
    Wishing you a peaceful time ahead x

  2. Thank you Vicki.
    As the icing on the cake, Tigs decided to develop a temperature of 38.4 this evening, so no school for him tomorrow. At least i don't have to colour his hair now! I hope at least one of them gets to school tomorrow or all my work doing Harry Potter costumes will be wasted!

    1. Oh no, hope Tigs is better now? Did Pups get to wear his costume? x

  3. Pup got to wear his costume. But Tigs has now come out in spots! Looks VERY like chicken pox. He then tells us that 2 kids in his class had chicken pox recently. Thank you school for telling us... not!