Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nearly all home

  Himself brought Pup and me home yesterday morning. I then went down with a 24 hour vomitting bug, probably acquired at hospital, now nearly gone. Pup was exhausted and had a day festering in front of the TV, and is now bouncing back fast (apart from eating, which he has always seen as optional anyway).

 The weather surprised us this morning:

Heavy rain first thing turned to snow which settled very quickly, against all our expectations. We only hope this won't prevent Tigs coming back to us today.

  Doing Pups  IV antibiotics at home is not too stressful, unless you make a mistake like we did yesterday and have to end up doing one dose at 2am. We hadn't noticed the instructions that said to take them out of the fridge 4 hours before administration. Oops. Won't do that again!

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