Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Pox

On the basis that if it can go wrong it will:

 Neither Himself nor I were surprised on Thursday night to notice a nice crop of spots on Tigs neck. Further investigations revealed some more on his stomach and back. Not surprised, I think our response was one of hysterical laughter. Pup is due to go into hospital on Monday, and Tigs has chicken pox.. Pup cannot wait any longer. Tigs is obviously infectious. Oh dear. We spent 24 hours seriously wondering how we were going to manage two sick kids in two separate towns.

Ta Ra..... 

Enter  Super Grandma... and Grandad. Who have volunteered to take Tigs for a week, while he obviously cannot go to school until he is no longer infectious. Tigs is excited at his new adventure, and that he is grown up enough now to go and stay with Grandma on his own: and the pressure is off for us. Grandma  and Grandad are in their 70s, so we think that they are being truly heroic.

(By the way Pup has had chicken pox ! Thankfully.)

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