Sunday, 31 March 2013



  Dancing with vigour and enthusiasm in church at the Easter service today, right at the front of the hall (we meet in a school). The boy is talented. I really have to sign him up for a modern dance class.

  I am so glad our church is tolerant and put up with all my boys weird behaviours. Like at the beginning of the service today. The leader stands up and says " Happy Easter!" to everyone; most of the congregation respond cheerfully, Pup shouts "Happy Easter!" at the top of his voice. Leader (a delightful lady who we know well) immediately replies "Good morning every one, good morning Pup!"

  I'm afraid they are a bit infamous. Not just in church. At school every teacher knows my boys, and I never have to introduce myself either. All the shopkeepers in town and our local shops recognise them. They are loud, the are active, they will tlk to anyone.Yes they are both extreme extroverts. As I am probably one of the worlds most extreme introverts I sometimes find this hard. I am one of those people who like to vanish into the background. Himself is not much different. At least it is only surrogate attention. But I spend a lot of my time trying to winkle them away from other people. Last weekend we were at a public event and they spent 5 minutes chatting up two of our local police. I was cringing, the coppers were laughing, the boys revelling in it, until Pup tried to grab a walkie talkie; and I hastened them away. Sometimes I know I am way too uptight about it. They talk to people in a way I'd never have dared to as a child (I wouldn't have said boo to a goose let alone tried to chat up a policemen) But sometimes I feel I am right to worry. They could get chatting to anyone. And Pup in particular is very trusting, while Tigs is still young enough to think that everyone is his friend. It's hard to know how much to worry. Pup goes into mens toilets on his own. He plays in front of our house unsupervised. He has started to go to school alone sometimes.

  How much freedom should they have? How much should I tell them about 'stranger danger'? How much should I let them express them selves, and make pests of themselves with our friends, with other children, to people we don't know, or just have a nodding acquaintance with? It worries me.


  1. . It's hard I bet! ve no advice but our Baby Spouse is also known by everyone though he is still young, he has a very classic baby look and an unusual name (which we chose, it's a family name in my family). He's also very sociable (but appropriate for his age). I am hoping the fact he's well known will help to keep him safe, actually - as people will spot if he's hurt, or somewhere he shouldn't be.

  2. It's true, there are advantages to everyone knowing them! But I m afraid it will get harder as they get older and I have to let them off the leash more and more.