Tuesday, 21 June 2011


 My wild boy.
Four years old, and as cheeky as they come. I just heard him telling his brother he had smelly socks. That's about normal for him. Full of mischief, noisy, active (not hyperactive, he can be still when he wants to) Sometimes you might think he is as subtle as a brick.

 But the same kid won't watch any programme or video with even the mildest violence, hates it if anyone play fights. Gets upset if his brother is told off. Loves music.

Is a very effective learner - if he's interested in something he will sit and watch and listen until he feels he has 'got' it. If he's not interested - forget it!
He's taught himself to do somersaults on the trampoline.

He doesn't know all his letters confidently yet, but the ones he knows he can use very effectively to make words. Can count up to twenty ten, and in tens up to a hundred. Talks for England and is superbly self confident.

Is a total anarchist.

Tigs. My very favourite four year old.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Ginger shadow

Wherever I go, he is.

He may be sleeping in in another part of the same room. Or doing his mad kitten routine, persecuting his toy cat, or killing a sweet wrapper. Or begging (if  I'm in the kitchen.) Or on my pillow (if  I'm in bed.) Or if  I'm here at the computer he's usually 'helping'. Or asleep on the mouse mat.

If he's scared he'll run to me, and stand by me, so we can face the danger together.

It's good to be one little cats special 'people'.

He has got a little more venturesome recently, and will sometimes go off on his own. He's been 'treed' twice this week.
And another adventure......
We think this is a result of falling in next doors pond - after their newts or frogs? He appeared on our shed roof dripping wet and shivering. Took a lot of cuddles and towelling dry before he was his normal mischievous self.

He shows every sign of becoming a really adventurous cat, and already at 4 months we can see he'll be a big cat. He's a delight.

He's my light relief. Life is pretty hard work at the moment. We have just buried Dad, and have got Mum into respite care. Meanwhile we have to empty and sort their house ready to sell, and find Mum somewhere to live.

We is my sister and I. We've both got kids and live quite a way from the parents house. So lots of commuting. And some unsettled kids. When your kids are adopted they unsettle pretty easily.

The girlcat still hates him - or pretends to. She uses some very choice language whenever he goes too near. But I've seen signs of a thaw - he chases her and she doesn't object, she has been known to sleep a few inches from him. Trouble is, she thinks she's an old lady (At 9??!) and he is really upsetting her equilibrium.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Sorrow may abide for a night, but Joy comes in the morning.

We spotted this in our garden one morning about ten days ago. It's a circumzenithal arc.