Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sooo tired

Tired of getting up exhausted every morning.
Tired of ... everything really.

  Tired of the cold. Tired of worrying about Pup, who is a little better following his course of IV antibiotics but he is still sooo tired. And I'm afraid to let him run about outside because I don't think that this cold is doing his lungs any good. His CF nurse is saying that she has had many more CF kids in hospital than usual this spring, probably because of the bitter weather. I'd like to take him somewhere warm for a week, so he can run around, get some sun on his back and warm clean air in his lungs. In fact can I load a bus with CFers and take them to some sunny  Mediteranean beach for a few days? But money is too tight (for all of us) so that's out of the question!

  I have to admit that our part of GB is getting off lightly. The weather in the north, especially Scotland, is truly awful, with people snowed in without power for days. With some loss of life. With farmers losing stock to the cold, all those tiny lambs probably dying as soon as they are born. I do find myself crying more about the animals than the people. Wrong priorites yes, but that is just my gut reaction, I'm thinking about how it must be to be born to cold and snow and know nothing else. Crops are not growing too. The images of snow that they are showing on the TV are beautiful, but that white stuff is deadly. Send sushine please!

  Some things are still growing despite the cold:

Not in our garden, although we have daffodils and a few brave tulips.

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