Sunday, 30 October 2011

A burial

We had a burial this afternoon. Our soft hearted Tigs was quite distressed, the rest of us were not so bothered. Forensics suggest that the body that Tigs discovered in the garden was murdered quite recently. We suspect that the criminal was ginger. The victim was a rat.

However we haven't convicted the ginger peril. Pawprints found at the scene were not sufficiently clear to make a good case against him, and there are several other suspects; at least one of whom was seen lurking suspiciously in the area the day before.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tigs is five

About 18 months old
  This totally wild boy has reached his 5th birthday. I can't call him a toddler any more, sadly. And I can see how he's moving further away from me each day. That's the way it should be; and we've got a lot of years to go yet. But seeing my two neices who are 13 and 16 getting towards the 'leaving home' stage I can see what will happen to us in 13 (?) years or so. And it's not long. I really enjoy watching him grow and develop. Yesterday I saw a man out walking with his toddler boy, and felt very envious.  But I don't really want to go back there - do I?

  I suppose every parent feels the same; but it didn't feel so bad with Pup; partly because his little brother was still around, and partly because I suspect Pup will always be much more dependant on us. 

  I am concerned about Tigs because since he started school he seems to have lost interest in books, both in reading and being read to. And he's stopped trying to write.  I am concerned because he has a rebellious streak (no, not a streak, more like a motorway) and I think he may have stopped because he's suddenly realised that he now has to learn these things. Up until now it's been a game. And his behaviour at home has become er..... challenging. Apparently it has been similar at school. He has been keeping the teachers very busy. We have always said that he has to be kept busy; if he gets bored there is TROUBLE.

  I think its just a matter of watch, wait and hope he gets back on-line.

Meanwhile (in no particular order) more pics:
With Grandpa

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Phase Change

   I can't get over the feeling that my whole life is going through a period of change - physical, and spiritual. Partly because Tigs is now at school, so the shape of my days is changing. But other things as well. Mum moving near us is a big change.
My job now feels superflous. Not unnecessary, because I need to earn money, but I feel quite disconnected from it; which isn't too good, as I still need to do it, and do it well. I was always planning to change direction workwise when Tigs started school, but Dad's illness and death have inhibited me from doing anything about it over the last few months. Now Mum is moved, and most of the work on her house is done (it will be sold soon, we hope - we have a buyer) I can start to think again.

What I'd really like: to write books. A crazy ambition as I know there are a hundred wannabes out there for every published author. I've ideas galore for stories.

And I'd like to get fit (which is why I'm sitting at the computer not out cycling, jogging or swimming!!?)

And spiritually. At church recently we had a big event that has made me feel I am not doing enough with God - that is a clumsy way to put it, but I'm not sure how else to say it. The church want to do mission. The idea makes me cringe and shrivel like a small screwed up piece of paper. A few years ago they had an 'outreach' event, where it was suggested that everyone should be getting out there to evangelise. I did point out that this was totally unbiblical, that even Paul with his mission to save the world says that 'some are evangelists...'. Which lets me off nicely.  When I try to 'share the word' it always goes badly wrong, and to say the least, is not usually at all glorifying to God. Maybe I need to  / can get better at it, but I have to be realistic and accept I do not have a gift in that direction. So it's possible I can support the drive to mission by baking cakes or something similar. And praying - need more practice in that area. MUCH more practice.

So get to it !