Monday, 1 April 2013


  Kids in bed, Himself and I relaxing tonight watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Somedays  we actually get to be normal. Today was a lazyish day, took the boys swimming, Himself did some gardening, I was meant to be finishing Pups jumper but never got round to it, so just pottered. Dull stuff for anyone else to read about, nice normality for us. Actually not our normal, but our ideal - if only we had days like this more often!  

  Pup had a massive meltdown on Saturday because Himself and I were joking with each other and Pup took it wrong and got really upset. He is still harking back to it. *guilt guilt*, and complaining that he can't understand. On the positive front, Pup managed to eat two and a half slices of bread and half a tin of tomato soup for lunch today, entirely voluntarily. That may not sound impressive for most nine year olds but for Pup it is stunning. Tigs has a cold and rotten cough, so his energy levels are lower than usual and he is being slightly less wearing than usual and also delightfully cuddly. 

  The cats are sleeping a lot, still in hibernate mode. However we have found several small bodies in the garden that must be ascribed to them (mice!) and a pile of feathers on the lawn that suggest a pigeon had a near miss on Friday. We've finished off the last of the hot cross buns that Himself and Tigs made us the other day - yum! Life isn't so bad.

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