Thursday, 31 January 2013


Pup is going on a playdate after school today. He is excited. I am scared. Tigs is indignant.

(Luckily it is just for an hour, and only 100 yards away.)


  1. I hope he has a wonderful time x

    p.s don't forget to link-up with the Weekly Adoption Shout-Out tomorrow, we'd love to see you there and I'm sure others would love to read your posts x

  2. It went really well. Quote the friends Mum "He was no trouble at all". Luckily she has a child with similar issues to Pup, so she was a little prepared. Phew!!
    And Tigs, who I thought would be really grumpy, was delightful company - he can be so good when Pup isn't around. (He can be really awful too!)

  3. So glad it went well. They are always angels for others I find!