Saturday, 12 January 2013

Latest B to the Three news

Boys back at school. They have now driven their head teacher away, she is off sick until further notice (they've already given 2 teachers nervous breakdowns, and their other teachers seem to be off sick a lot more than average!   
Our TV has a green spot on  the screen. I think it is on its way out - it is 18 years old, so not doing badly!
 I've started going along to a support group for mums of disabled kids. Lots of tea and home made cake. Yum.
I did an extra shift at work this week, while boys were at school; will probably do more.  I actually quite enjoyed it. Only 4 hours, so not long enough to get tired.
We had too many donuts and sweets at work yesterday (courtesy of a visiting rep). And I was given some of the leftovers to bring home for the boys - who don't like donuts. Tragic.
 I am trying to get fit by running but haven't been out for 2 days.
I have just really upset the ginger peril, I was screaming at getting slightly annoyed with my laptop and he ran over to me miaowing and sank his teeth into my hand. Ouch. I don't think he likes shouting.
 Mum is improving very slowly and painfully. I am trying to kid myself that she will get back to her old self.  Sadly though, I think she is giving up.
Feeling  a lot better in myself nowadays, and can think ahead a bit. I want to do a photography course this year, and get more organised (not too organised, that would be dull!)
Is that all our news? I think so. Life is pretty humdrum a lot of the time; like most families, we get along, we have odd moments of excitement, and many days that are pretty much routine. Boys are always challenging and frequently exhausting, but (mostly) delightful. I want more time to do all the projects I've got lined up; Himself feels much the same.  The cats sleep a lot. I want to be a cat.

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