Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lazy Saturday

In bed, with laptop and cat.

  What could be better? Well actually having  husband here too would be nice, but he is managing the wild beasts downstairs, Just now there was some yelling and someone was sat on the stairs, but the storm faded quickly, and now all I can hear is cheerful chatting. Probably Pup who can make one sentence last for ten minutes. This is pretty frustrating because we are working very hard on his *not interrupting* skills. So of course (to set a good example) we are now not allowed to interrupt him. Pretty difficult when all you want to say is "Please pass the jam." and you have to wait ten minutes to do it. Pup also has a compulsive urge to finish everyones sentences, or to give examples of whatever you are telling him about. It doesn't make him easy to talk to, even if it's a conversation that interests both of us. The big subject at the moment is the Tudors. He is studying them at school. Since I 'did' them at A level, and find them quite fascinating, it is hard for me to listen to him talking about them without interrupting!

  It can get pretty tense when he just will not stop whittering; and can lead to whoever is talking to him going off in disgust. E.g. me, when all I want to say to him is "what do you want for tea?"  or "Hang your coat up" - you know, boring Mummy stuff.  The only way round it I think is to play interrupting games. This sort of approach usually works best with him, and gets him giggling. He just cannot get the normal non verbal cues that someone else needs to talk (like me standing there in front of him with my hand up!) It can also be quite hilarious, especially when he knobbles someone who doesn't know him very well and starts speechifying at them. Especially if it is about one of his obsessions. Like Octonauts - a TV program probably aimed at 4 year olds -  that he absolutely loves. He will play that incessantly. It is about a bunch of animals rescuing creatures in danger, just up his street, he loves any rescue stories. Fortunately he does like a few programs aimed at older kids. Latest is Fort Boyard.

  I'm glad he can talk. He talks about some of his feelings and about positive things at least. Some areas he won't touch - like when negative things happen at school. I think some of the other kids in his class can be cruel at times; but cannot get a handle on it as he won't even skirt around the subject so I'm hearing it third hand from parents of other kids. We have a 'thumbs up, thumbs down' code as to how things go at school each day; and that is as far as we get with him.

  As for non Pup news? The snow has nearly gone apart from a few small patches and Madame Blanc our snowlady. Himself helped our church win the town interchurch quiz last night. Tigs has raised naughtiness to a new level - most harmless scrape of the week was rinsing his toothbrush in the toilet. I've got annual leave from work next week (yay!)
And it's our baby boys birthday - he is TWO today! Happy birthday little Mo.

 Then and now - our baby.

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