Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013!

2011 was a hard year for us. 2012 had its moments. We are hoping for an easier and less painful year  in 2013. Wishing the same to all our family and friends.

  Somehow the changeover of year seemed really significant this time round, not sure why. We actually stayed up for it, for the first time for some years - partly by accident I have to say, we just hadn't bothered to go to bed. The boys haven't asked to stay up yet, and we are not tempted to suggest it to them! Our house is a bit chilly at present as the boiler has gone caput. Not a disaster as it isn't too cold and we've got a cosy gas fire in the lounge; but it means no showers or baths and nowhere to dry clothes. The gas man has promised to return tomorrow with a replacement part (do not ask me what, boilers are a mystery beyond my understanding) So we may have heat by tomorrow night! 

We don't seem to have achieved a lot since Christmas, boys are still tired at times and Tigs in particular is cranky. We took them to look at a steam railway museum yesterday to their delight. They are not at all good with the sort of museums that are 'look and don't touch' but this was very different. You could get up close to many of the trains and even inside some of them. Tigs and Pup are very 'hands on' children, so they thought that this was great


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