Monday, 12 March 2012

This, that and a hospital

Yes Pup is in hospital. No, it's nothing to worry about (well mild worry for us of course) He can't get rid of his cough, his lung function is down to less than 70% and somedays he looks so tired, and pale with great shadows under his eyes. So the Docs made the decision; he needed to be admitted for intravenous antibiotics. And that's where he is, since Monday. He had to be sedated on Monday to have a PICC line put in his arm. it's a long plastic tube that goes from above his elbow into his neck; and they are giving him antibiotics through it. I was so nervous about the line going in (so was he!!) and worried that the sedation would go the wrong way and make him hyper, but in the end he was just pleasantly drunk. They got the line in with no problems. And now he is totally making himself at home in the hospital, in fact when I go in tonight I fully expect to be told that he is now running the place. Himself was on hospital duty last night and today, while I 'did' Tigs, and tonight we swap over. Yesterday Tigs was telling the nurses off for being late with his drugs, and trying to manage all the toddlers in the department - he is keen on small children. He has wangled a laptop out of the hospital teacher, and is totally at home. He gets whatever he wants to eat, and loads of attention. There are tons of toys and books, and a Wii. What more could an 8 year old need?

What else is going on here?
Tigs went to school dressed as a busker today. On world book day, he could dress up as any book character he liked, and that is what he chose. it's a character from the book Tabby MckTat about a busker and his cat. He took his cat puppet and his guitar

Spring is sprunging here finally, the crocuse and daffodils are coming out, the birds have started to sing, and some days it is really good to be outside. We have been in the garden as much as possible. We love gardening and ours needs a LOT of work.  I'll get round to posting a few pics sometime soon. Essentially it was just a rough field when we moved in, so we've been able to start from scratch. Minor encumbrances like kids tend to get in the way of spending as much time and money on it as we'd like, but we are getting there. I planted 2 apple trees last week..

My brother in law who was a Feb 29th birthday is celebrated his 13th birthday last week (his youngest daughter turned 13 last year!) We were meant to go to his party on Saturday, but it's an hour and a half drive, and we coulsn't take Pup out of hospital for that long, and did not feel like some of us going and leaving Pup in hospital. So sadly we'll have to miss this quadrennial event.

We've finally go round to booking a holiday -  a week in Devon in the summer. Can't wait!

The Ginge has taken to using us a a doss house and restaurant. He is out gadding most of the time, spotting the neighbours chickens and other crimes.

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