Sunday, 25 March 2012


My boys are extremes.

Pup. Unco-ordinated, gross and fine motor skill delays, hypermobile joints so he is knock kneed with unstable hips and inturned feet, always banging into things, falling over his own feet. Struggles to put on muscle mass, tiny hands and feet. Struggles to do things with his hands both because of their size and the 'floppiness' of his fine muscles, so his writing is very delayed. Everything is such an effort for him, it's not surprising he is 'slapdash' sometimes, and rushes through tasks; it's easier for him just to 'get things over with'.
He still has the edge over Tigs for speed - the 3 year gap holds. But it won't be long. Already Tigs can do things he can't. Life isn't easy for him. His concentration span is short, so it's hard for him to learn new things. But he does try. And I cheer for him (silently in my heart) when I see him achieve things his brother can't yet do.
On Saturday he started his Riding lessons - we've signed him up with Riding for the Disabled, to help his muscle tone and balance skills. He did great. He was the ablest child in the group - that was good to see. He had to have the reins taken away from him, because he was fiddling with them. But he sat well and confidently (when I wasn't even sure he'd even be brave enough to get on the horse) he behaved well,  he didn't shout or scream. Well done Pup.

Tigs. Poetry in motion, graceful, always active. Could ride a 2 wheel bike before he was 3 years old. Taught himself to do somersaults on the trampoline. He's a joy to watch. his energy levels exhaust me. He was running in circles round the garden this afternoon just for the joy of it. Its not just we that think he is extreme in his physical abilities, other mums have commented on it. Life can be very easy for Tigs. He isn't a 'tryer' because he's never had to be. If he can't do something he doesn't bother. Stuff that we've had to teach Pup slowly and painfully. Tigs just absorbs. Like doing up buttons, tying his school tie, climbing.
He is always trying to compete with big bro, but he gets furious when he can't keep up (he will stop running and shout in frustration if Pup gets too far ahead.) he is jealous of the activities that Pup does, especially this new one of  horse riding.
One day he'll understand (I hope) why we get Pup to do so many activities. One day he'll outrun him. I hope it's not too soon.

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