Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lolling about on the sofa..... his Star Wars jim jams, with his fleecy tiger rug over him. Dosed up on Calpol, asking me for apple juice and bowls of Curiously Cinnamon, watching Cbeebies, guitar across his lap.
Yes Tigs is off sick. He had a high temp last night, and didn't want to get out of bed this morning (unheard of for him), so here he is. Here is our whole day upset. Himself had to go into work late to get Pup to school, My lunchdate cancelled, Tigs playdate cancelled.
It's never a good idea to make too many plans or depend too much on the plans you have made. They do 'gang oft agley' in this house, that's probably true in most houses with small children in. At least Tigs is great company when he's sick. Not if he's really unwell, but if he's a touch of colour his energy levels drop to those of a normal 5 year old, and he becomes very cuddly. I like it!

  At least the cats are ok. Our neighbour came round to us in a state yesterday afternoon. He'd left some out of date pate outside his back door to put in the bin, and it had gone missing. He was really worried that one of our cats may have eaten it and got sick. Nice of him, as they are not cat lovers and chase our two out of their garden if they spot them. (Both our cats have been guilty of decimating the frog population of their garden pond) Anyway I was able to reassure him that both cats were fine. They don't seem to be suffering any loss of appetite today, thankfully, so if one of them did eat the pate it hasn't done them any harm.

  And some other good news for today. Pup put on clean school trousers this morning but they were too tight for him. This is something that gets me disproportionately excited. He hasn't put on any significant weight for months! Maybe that hospital stay did do him some good! I resist the urge to weigh him at home - he gets weighed every 2 months at clinic anyway.

  Anyway, better go put the kettle on, then cuddle up with Tigs and watch Cbeebies for a while.  I may get round to some washing or a little light housework later. Maybe.

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  1. Aw, hope Tigs is feeling better soon. Know what you mean about the cuddles tho - Mini doesn't often let me do that even when he's ill, but it's been lovely having those moments when he's let me.

    Good news about Pup's weight gain :-)