Wednesday, 21 March 2012

He's free!

Pup  got out of hospital last week.    Despite his protests. 
Pup is The One and Only*, sometimes he doesn't do things the way anyone else does them. He did NOT want to come home.
And why should he? Spoiled by the nurses, the play therapists, the physiotherapists. One to ones with the hospital teacher. Trips to the hospital gym; the use of the playroom (which had a Wii). A parent with him at almost all times, a parent who was not weighed down by housework and dividing their attention between him, his brother and other parent.
Having said that he immediately relaxed in the car on the way home, crashed out,  (an hours rush-hour journey) and slept until his Dad carried him into the house

Our meds cupboard.
We did home IV's for 3 days, until the line blocked on me. That was scarier than I thought. I've been cheerfully doing IV's at work for years, but my hands were still shaking the first time I drew up his antibiotics and gave them to him. It felt like we were living in a hospital. But now it's over, we're creeping back to normal. Whether he's better for his antibots I don't know for certain. I haven't heard much coughing recently. We have to wait for his next brething tests at his outpatient appointment to be sure they've helped. But I think he is better, it's not just the coughing. he's still pale but maybe a tad less tired. Not at first, the few days after he got out he was shattered.
The next thing in store for him is riding lessons! He has been recommended to try riding to build up his muscles and help his balance skills. First lesson on saturday. My theory is that he will freak out when he sees an actual horse up close and personal.

Oh yes, I do have another son don't I? Tigs is as gorgeous as ever, as hyper as ever and has more scars on his face than ever - three knocks in one day yesterday; he went nose over toes over the front of his scooter on the way to school, he cut his wrist at school (rather vague about how this happened) and he and best friend both bumped their heads in the playground after school. Tigs face is now a disater area - if you count the eczema and the cut on his eyebrow from school last week. Oh and he's lost his new glasses at school. And Pup being in hospital threw his behaviour back a peg or two; he has invented a few new ways to be naughty - and wear us out. His naughty is usually very deliberate, I do wonder whether there is some 'testing out' behaviour sometimes. I asked him why he did something a couple of weeks ago and he said it was "to make you cross mummy". it is hard with adopted kids. I just don't know ho much of their behaviour is them and how much is their history. Confused. I am confused, and sometimes they must be. It stands to reason, thye've both been through more sets of parents than any child should.

I had the routine term 4 meeting with Tigs teacher on Tuesday, and she feels he is doing well, but he needs to do what he's told more often! His latest trick: when teacher asks kids to do something he will stop what he is doing ok, but then he will start telling the other kids what to do.

I have a pair of right little bossyboots.

*This is what I think of as Pups theme song: Chesney Hawkes 'The one and only'

I'm working on one for Tigs. 'Wild Boys' doesn't quite fit. After all there's only one of him (I think?)

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