Thursday, 9 February 2012

Signed off

Doc has signed me off work for another week. She's probably right, but I am feeling quite a bit better now. Almost human at times.The horns are retracting, the forked tail doesn't show, the teeth shrinking down. I didn't yell at the boys at all this morning, and that's quite an achievement especially as they are tired and 'end-of-termy'.
So things are looking up. I am still spoiling myself, and doing minimal housework. If I am honest I am not a one for overdoing the housework anyway! I'm cutting dow on the comfort chocolate eating.

Now to try and catch up with the boys, I have given them so little time recently. So, next week will be devoted to them. I hope we can have some fun! 

It is still seriously cold here, below freezing every night, and it doesn't warm up much in the daytime. The snow came on Saturday night and went by Tuesday. We had about an inch at the most. The house doesn't warm up. I'm not stinting on the heating, but it is not helping. I cannot get how Pup will sit around the house in just a T-shirt in all temperatures! I am turning into my mother, always nagging him to wear a vest. What 8 year old boy wants to wear a vest? How uncool can you get??

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  1. We are opposite here. I'm always turning the heat off and my hubby is always turning it back on. Of course, we don't get snow here. So our cold probably isn't like yours! Lol.