Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Not new year resolutions, obviously. I am usually too busy and SAD in midwinter for that sort of planning. But now the sun is returning, the juices are flowing again I can feel the urge to SORT coming on.

For a start:
  • To get the frog out from behind the piano that Nimrod the mighty hunter The Ginge brought in earlier.
  • Every time new clothes come into the house I need to dispose of an equivalent number of old clothes.
  • To dispose of more paper than enters the house each day (by post, from work, in child's bags etc)
  • To file one or two items of paperwork each day (you would NOT believe how many unsorted piles I have lying around!)
  • To sort all our photographs. This now includes my parents  and my grandparents old pics. Fortunately they were not such addicts as I am - I have several thousand on my PC that have to be sorted.
  • To write the history of our boys adoptions.
  • To get involved in some project to help our community or town.

That'll do for a start. Got a load more things to do, like redecorating the house (needs money) and getting the garden in order (needs lots of money). Or fostering. or a new job. Maybe priority to ask God if he has any ideas about the last two especially. He seems to be full of good ideas.
If anyone else has any good ideas I'd like to hear them too.

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  1. Only recently found your blog, but love what I've read so far, and value your comments on my own blog.

    I'm thinking a resolution list is a good idea. I especially like the dispose of old clothes when new ones are bought, and I think the same rule should apply to toys! Freegle is a great idea for passing those bits onto (well, I'm biased, as I moderate our local group!).

    My big resolution needs to be keep on top of the housework better. It gets me down looking at the dust, but I never have the motivation to drag out a duster, far more important things to do like bake and entertain my kids!