Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sleeping partner

She doesn't get many mentions on this blog. She is ten years old, a bit of a matron; and her favourite hobby is sleeping. Her second favourite is keeping all other cats in their place. including The Ginge.
She has her wild moments of frantic rushing around the garden, but not if The Ginge is in sight - mustn't compromise her dignity! He is already longer than her and taller, but she is still heavier, and she can still cow him with a look.
Megan. Monocat, 'Her Majesty' (Her Maj for short) thinks she rules the house. She does have a point. Right now I am perching on the very edge of the computer chair so as not to disturb the royal presence, she has chosen it as her throne for the evening. Her other favourite places to sleep are laps, Himselfs pillow at night, the sofa, under the table on a dining room chair. She is a bit of a Daddy's girl and will usually choose Himself to sit on if she has a choice. She also loves to sit on his shoulders; he usually has breakfast with a fur collar around his neck. Can get painful if he makes any sudden moves.
She will NOT tolerate any other cats on her territory, except The Ginge and he is barely tolerated. Until 18 months ago she lived with her brother. 

with Mungo at 10 weeks
  After we lost Mungo we thought she was grieving, and partly for her sake we got The Ginge to replace him about 6 months later. We thought it would take her mind off Mungo. Er ... you could say that. She devoted all her energies to hating our new addition and she was wildly jealous.Things have improved slightly; these days she seems to accept The Ginge, but barely. But this morning Tigs shut them into our bedroom together. I didnt notice until lunchtime that they hadn't been in evidence all morning, when I got suspicious I went upstairs and found the bedroom door shut. On opening the door two furiously indignant cats emerged, Mono was swearing and hissing at The Ginge as if it was his fault.

  She is a gorgeous girl, not a hunter, although she went through a phase of catching frogs last year. She had a really hard patch after Mungo dies, when she lost a lot of weight and got very hyper and anxious. We took her to the vet as she was starting to look like a skeleton covered with fur.  They diagnosed an overactive thyroid; which was treated with tablets at first, but forcing her to take those twice a day became too stressful for her and us. Catching her and getting them down het throat was a nightmare. We would often find discarded tablets on the floor. She was starting to distrust us, and run away whenever we entered a room, thinking we were going to 'pill' her. So we agreed to let her have a thyroidectomy. She looked tragic afterwards with a great scar in her shaven throat - but it has done her so much good! She is such an affectionate cat these days, and a real ' stay at home' girl. We'd be lost without her.

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