Saturday, 1 September 2012


  I'm still in bed, with 2 cats, who are lying as far apart from each other as possible. Monocat is curled tightly, the Ginge is sprawling. I can hear reassuring gentle chatter as Himself negotiates getting boys dressed. Pups 'angry birds' t-shirt is dirty, and he's not happy about that, but thankfully today he's willing to compromise and find something else. Tigs seems to be pulling all his clothes out of his drawers to find the 'right' top. He'll probably come out of his room dressed in thick trousers, jumper and long sleeved top despite being told that it's a warm day and that he neeeds shorts and T-shirt. Tigs likes jmpers, and likes to be covered up. I was just like that as a kid, my mother virtually had to drag my cardigan off me on hot days.  I've told Tigs that, and he thinks it's funny (and reassuring?) to hear that he is doing something mummy did when she was little.

Life for once feels 'normal', kids behaving rationally (well they are small boys, so I'll say fairly rationally!) We are all going out for the day, I hope this peaceful feeling lasts!

Meanwhile I must get up, Himself has done breakfast and has made the picnic. He's 'on duty' this morning - we alternate at weekends having a lie in while the other 'does' the boys - that time is a real haven of peace. But it's time to climb out of my haven and get to it.....

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