Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This little cat..


This little - or now not so little - cat kept me sane during the chaos and sadness of last year when Dad was ill and died, and during the months when we were taking my parents' home of 30 years apart and 'rehoming' mum.

He was always there to welcome me home with his little broken miaow, he is simple, uncritical and gorgeous.

No I don't love him more than my kids, but he is so restful to be with, and you cannot say that about either of our boys. He is so straightforward and affectionate when so many other things are worrying and full of conflict, (not physical conflict - never that!)

   Thank you Moses. Mose the Pose, The Ginge, Furface. Just stroking you makes me feel at peace. When you come rushing into the house demanding food NOW it gives me such a lift. Or when you come racing towards me when I get home, raising your tail flag in welcome. Sometimes you think you are a dog, like when you play 'fetch' with your toy mice. Sometimes you are just peculiar - how many cats will choose to sit out in the rain? Ok you have some less savoury habits. I hate finding sad little dead baby birds on my kitchen floor, or live frogs hopping around the dining room. And when you have been out on a rainy night and you come in and leap onto our bed and shake yourself all over us, it can be  a *little* irritating.  But no-one's perfect.

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