Sunday, 5 August 2012

Home alone

Three boy free days for himself and me.

The boys are at Grandma and Grandads, with Himselfs very brave parents. We went over for the weekend and a family celebratation, and left them there; the Grandparents are returning them to us on Wednesday. It is just sinking in that they won't be  coming into our bedroom this morning, that we've got three days without meds or physio, without small boy fights (we get a lot of those at the moment).Three days of peace.

Feeling a little lost and aimless, and a lot guilty. The boys knew what was happening and were happy with it, in fact really excited about it; but at bedtime they were asking us not to go. We hoped they'd be asleep by the time we left so it would be a fait accompli in the morning when they woke. But Pup emerged from his bedroom as we crept out of the house and stood at the top of the stairs saying  "Please don't go, I'm begging you."
We went anyway. Grandma reports on the phone that he went to bed and back to sleep almost immediately.

Praying that they don't exhaust the grandparents too much. Pup gets so overexcited and he has no 'brakes' on his behaviour. He admits he can't stop himself, and he doesn't yet recognise soon enough when he's getting OTT, so he can't calm himself, and he still fights us when we try to get him to calm down. Just hope he isn't like this with the grandparents. Tigs is simply hyperactive and can be very very tiring. Gold medals to the granparents for taking them. Most people won't take our kids on, even for a short break.

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