Monday, 27 August 2012

Busy week ahead

Get boys to holiday club by 9.30 (we haven't eaten breakfast much before then for days so it will be a massive shock to the system) Instruct the club leaders in dealing with Pups medication. (and in dealing with Pup)
Rush into town to get photo's printed for contact letter to boys birth mum.
Pick up my mum, take her to dentist.
Take mum home, pick up boys. 12.30. Scrape them off ceiling.
Feed boys 
Take boys to Tigs Gym club
Home, feed all,  put boys to bed.
Sit down.

Holiday club am 
Playdate pm. Overexcited boys.

Holiday club am
Opticians pm. Taking boys to opticians is NOT fun. Too many tempting buttons to press. And getting one to sit still while he is being examined, and the other to sit while he is not being examined - oh my!!!

Go to work for a rest. Himself is holding the fort as he usually does on Friday.

 All the time worrying about Pup who had his outpatient appointment last week and has apparently lost weight over this last month despite growing a centimetre in height. His Doctors are quite concerned about this. He's also got a cough, which always sets my alarm bells jangling, hard. The good news is that his lung function seems to be improved.

Roll on the weekend! I'm almost tempted to say roll on school! Starts next week. I'm not looking forward to the sometimes tedious routine of school runs, or the hassle of school mornings. But it will be good to have some time to do 'non boy' things. I have so many plans.

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