Monday, 30 July 2012

Adoption in the news here.

 Recently Pup has taken to going to bed with some of his old photo albums. Most noteworthy the one compiled by his foster carers, full of pictures of people who are now strangers to him, places he can't remember, and dozens of pictures of a cute smiling baby.
He hasn't been talking about it much yet, but I had a taster last night when I went up to say goodnight.

"Mummy, there's a picture in here I want to show you" 

......Several minutes spent trawling through album.....

"Look, it's you and Dad with me!"

"Yes, that's the day we met you!"  (Very thoughtful foster carers included a photo they'd taken of 'Intro day' in their album.)

Little giggle, grin "You're smiling!"

"Yes Pup, that's because we were really happy to be meeting you."

"Oh.............           Night night Mummy."

Now I think the best thing for me to do is lie low and wait for more questions. I hope that's the right choice. He very rarely mentions adoption at all, and I do not want to force things.

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