Sunday, 24 June 2012

We've been on holiday

   We were camping in the Lake District. We had some glorious sunshine, we climbed a mountain, rode a train, paddled in the sea, tried scrambling on rocks, both boys bottled out of abseiling.

We've let Pup do stuff that probably no kid with CF should do:

this was a pool at our campsite

We've let Tigs do stuff that probably no kid should be allowed to do.

yes, he landed safely... and did it again... and again.

We haven't lost all our commonsense however. The weather forecast at 6pm on Thursday night was dire. We were debating whether to drive home that night, but decided it was safer to stick it out and go home on Friday morning (instead of Saturday) I am so glad we did. We woke to pouring rain on Friday morning, and all got soaked getting the tent down. By the time we left the roads were quite scary, we had to drive first over small mountain roads that had become virtually streams. Then the motorway was pretty bad, heavy traffic, heavy rain, spray everywhere. NOT nice. It took 3 hours more than usual. However I'm glad we left when we did, because there was severe flooding in the Lakes that day; I think we just got out in time.  No-one was killed in the floods thankfully, but there were a lot of homes and other buildings damaged. 

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