Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One of THOSE days...


No-one in our house was injured or suffered loss or trauma. I should not be complaining. A tiny boy was killed in a gas explosion in Northern England yesterday. Syria is in meltdown and its people are enduring terrible things. The world is full of grief.

So I have to get some perspective and be thankful. However... it was still a SOD of a day.

   Tigs was in one of his pain in the backside most delightful moods in the morning. He was not going to do what  I wanted him to do. He was going to do the opposite. Even if he didn't want to do it.. Sadly things degenerated into a battle scene, with a lot of screaming, where I ended up dressing washing tuthbri-ing combing creaming everything-ing him. This is Mr Independant who could dress himself at 2, and hates being 'done for'. It did not go down well. As a result we were seriously late leaving for school. Meanwhile I'd told Pup to set off for school on his own. He's quite capable of getting there safely. However he dawdled and dallied, took 5 minutes to decide to cross a road, and ended up getting to school after Tigs and I did.

SO: Both boys late for school. Tigs burst into tears as soon as he saw his teaching assistant, and had to be taken aside to be dried out before he could join his class. I went home and burst into tears too - sadly no-one there to mop me up. Cuddling the Ginger menace helped.

  Our neighbours have gone away for a few days and were expecting a 'large parcel'. They warned us before they went, but said that they had asked for delivery to be delayed until next week. It came anyway. Not one but two VERY large parcels. Himself managed to get them into their garage in the evening as we could not use our hallway meanwhile.

  My Toshiba portable hard drive died on me, it was my main place for storing all my photos. I can recover most of them, as they are stored in other places too, but there are a lot I had photo edited that are lost, and some personal files too. And it was the only place that I had organised my pictures, so hours of work to do again. I could have cried.

  I went into town and picked up my new glasses. I can see really well with them but they are very uncomfortable, and will have to go back. Then I had to do a massive supermarket shop as we had run out of everything (comes of going away on holiday) Supermarket shops are my pet hate, as time wasters they score about 12 out of  10 for awfulness (thank God for Ocado!)

  The pollen count here is about a zillion parts per million. We have a couple of wild areas in the garden with a lot of long grass, which I decided to tackle. BIG mistake. Had to retreat into the house sneezing and with horribly itching eyes, didn't dare open the windows for the rest of the day.

  And... it rained on the washing, and the tent put up to dry in the garden.

  However, whinge over. Today has been much better. We've made a few changes to how we manage Tigs, we had a happier morning I've sorted some of my photos. Kids did OK at school - no-one got sent to the head teacher, no-one got sat in the 'thinking corner'. Hoping life is on the up.

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