Friday, 15 June 2012

A bit of a nothing blog

Not got much to say for myself at the moment, so probably shouldn't be saying much!

Our boys behaviours are challenging to say the least..

I'm overtired.

Monocat has had a lot of her teeth removed and is sulking. I think she'll be happer soon, her teeth were  really bad.

The Ginge excelled himself today, he brought two frogs into the house before breakfast, later the neighbours were shocked to found him in their bedroom, he must have snuck into the house behind their backs.

I don't have much positive to blog about work... but I don't blog about my job. BAD idea. However I would like to feel a little more positive about it.  :-(

Any good stuff? Well, Pup is learning to trot! 

 I've been practicing my drawing.

And The Ginge is NOT at all impressed.

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