Saturday, 2 June 2012

Her Madge

In our house Her Madge is the queen cat, She Who Ought To Be Obeyed. (In her opinion at least)

   But this is not about the most important cat in the world, it's about the real Queen, who has been doing the job for 60 years and for whom I have a great admiration. I'm not saying I have a great admiration for Royalty itself, I have very mixed feelings about that institution, but the woman who represents Royalty in this country; she is quite something. I will struggle to find something original to say about her; her dedication, tact, care and devotion to her job, even in her mid eighties her unflagging zeal and commitment. Yes she has got things wrong, but she has got so many things right, and she has such a clear understanding of her role.

  She is going to be a very hard act to follow.

 So we will be celebrating the Jubilee this weekend, because I believe that 'Our Liz' has given a great deal to this country and she deserves a round of applause. And I know it is not at all fashionable to say  but I do love my country, occasionally I'm even quite proud of it. More often I'm embarrassed by it - but of couse being biassed I still think we're best, despite the politicans, the football hooligans and the binge culture.

So just to make sure I offend the few people who I haven't already upset, here is a tongue in cheek view of the world from an English point of view, for the rest of you: 

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