Tuesday, 1 May 2012

To Grandmas and back

No we haven't been to Grandmas.

Bedtime is a difficult time of day at our house, but I always try and say "I love you" to the boys when I've said goodnight (sometimes through gritted teeth) The response is usually a snort or grunt or question about something desperately important in small boy world. Tigs in particular is not verbally expressive of affection. He shows his love in short sweet cuddles.

Last night went a bit differently:
"Goodnight Tigs, love you!"
"Love you mummy. Love you lots and lots"
"Love you lots and lots too!"
"Love you lots more than you love me mummy!"
"Oh? I love you to the moon and back Tigs" He is obviously not very impressed by this.
"I love you..... to GRANDMA'S  and back, mummy!"

Top that, mummy.

 (Grandma lives 60 miles away, and he finds the journey looong and tedious)

Speaking of the moon. 
For my birthday Himself gave me a gift (that he insists hotly was NOT intended for him.) It's an attatchment so I can take pictures with his telescope using my camera. 
It was a little cloudy last night so we didn't get long, but this was my second attempt.   Tried a few of Venus as well, and hoping to catch Saturn tonight!         

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