Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spoiling for a fight.

That was Tigs today.

In fact that is Tigs most days. He pushes us until we crack and he gets the satisfaction of making us cross. And today was one of his days for pushing HARD.
"Tigs leave that knife alone!" *knife waved near cat's head*

"Tigs, that's your brothers' toy and he doesn't want you to have it"  *runs off with toy*

"Tigs, don't jump in that puddle, you're not in wellies!"  *splash!*

I did crack. I had warned him that jumping in puddles in school shoes would mean cold wet feet in school. So after the fifth time (we'd just got home) I picked him up, took off his shoes and socks and stood him in a puddle to demonstrate what cold wet feet feel like. He nearly levitated out of it, screaming. (it was quite a warm day despite the rain, and to those who think this is child abuse, I then stood him in clean warm water!)

Tomorrow if he jumps in puddles I will just warn him once and let him get on with it. He may decide that a day at school in wet shoes is not worth it. He may find another way to wind up mummy.

He is clever.  He delights in drawing on his bedroom walls, furniture and toys, because it isn't allowed. He has learned not to do this anywhere else in the house, but will persist in doing it in his bedroom. So all pens pencils etc were banned from his room. The other day he sneaked into his brother's room and helped himself to an assortment of pens and did a massive scribble on his cupboard, (I wouldn't mind so much if he drew something meaningful!) The bit that really impressed me was that he then carefully returned the pens to the drawer in Pup's bedroom.

I don't have the patience of a saint, in fact some days I don't even have the patience of your average sinner, and he is wearing me out!!!

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