Thursday, 5 April 2012


It's the holidays. We've been bowling, we've tried kite flying, but it started to sleet, and Tigs and I were getting very c-c-cold, so we came home. We've festered at home, played on the Wii, watched TV, done some gardening, played with the neighbours grandsons, done some homework - oh sorry, not got round to that one yet. We are visiting Grandma and Grandad soon.
But today was nearly a disaster. The boys and I had a big plan to visit the leisure pool ten miles away. Much more fun than our local pool, it's got a wave machine and a slide. I hadn't driven there before and got slightly Ok totally lost. Then when we finally found the place and got to the pay desk I suddenly realised I hadn't brought my wallet.  I had NO money on me at all, but I did have two totally overexcited small boys. What could I do? We took the 20 mile round trip home to pick up the wallet  (fortunately it was at home not dropped somewhere en route). The boys did get their swim in the end, and had a wild time in the water. Both can just about swim - underwater; but are not reliable if they get out of their depth. I had a stressful time trying to watch both of them. Being short sighted does not help, as I can't see a thing without my specs, and when they are off playing all over the pool I keep losing sight of them. Next time we go I am going to insist they wear red vests or something.

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  1. Enjoying your blog! I had a similar trip this week - drove my little boy 10 miles to a leisure pool only to find it was full to capacity with a queue of 50 people standing in the rain! Back to a nearer, but boring pool we went, and by some miracle Buster didn't flip!