Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Walking on eggshells

So Tigs has grown out of his dinosaur pyjamas.

  As they are for age 2-3 and he is an average size 6 it is not unreasonable to tell him that I am passing them on for another little boy to wear. Howls of protest. "I love those pyjamas!"

  Now what?  Is this adopted child insecurity or just the normal reaction of a child who loves his clothes? I know that parting with things can be very painful to some adopted kids, which is one reason we have so many outgrown toys and games; I do tread very carefully when it comes to taking things away from them. Pup struggles to give any of his toys away - even the toys he never touches. 

  As for the pyjamas - Tigs has always had favourite items that he wears to death. Usually when they are worn out I put them in the spare room for a while, until he has forgotten about them, and then dispose of them quietly so as not to upset him. This time I decided to confront the issue, and he flipped. So I will just put them in the spare room as usual and see what happens. He will probably forget.... I hope.  But the other day he saw a photo of himself wearing his very favourite ever pair of trousers, and demanded them back. Sadly they were thrown away as unwearable and way too small about a year ago. There are serious disadvantages to having a child with a good memory.

  On the good side there was a message in Tigs school reading record book yesterday to say that his reading is fantastic, and he's been promoted to purple reading books. The next stage is chapter books. Well done Tigs!

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