Saturday, 9 February 2013

Just when it can't get worse....

It will.
Cannot go into details, but we've had big issues with both Pup and Tigs behaviour this week. Really just stuff coming to a head. Himself is becoming very down about it - usually he can cope, but it's getting to him.  On the other hand I'm getting to the ''Oh well, we'll get over it, we've got over all the others'' stage now.

It has been a busy week. A silly mistake by our Doctors surgery did not help. I order Pup's medications by email about a week before we run out; they write the prescriptions then send them to our local pharmacy to dispense: I just go and collect  a few days later, at my convenience. Simple. Yes. Foolproof? No. This time the surgery completely forgot to do the prescription. 

So... I go to pharmacy to collect drugs on Thursday... not there. I've had a LOT of issues with the surgery before, so rather than ringing them and getting the brush off, I head down there to sort it out. It takes them ten minutes to realise that, yes they did get the email and yes they forgot to do anything about it. I tell them we are nearly out of his medications and we need them NOW. 

I get lots of apologies. I have to say that the receptionists were really trying to help.

They can get it done this afternoon if I'd like to come back? No thanks. 

They can fax them to the pharmacy? OK... but how do I know they will do it? They have told me what I think are blatant lies before.

SO... I take a seat and I SIT. The receptionists finds a free Doctor and gets the prescrition written - with difficulty because some of the drugs are not on their lists and he has some that are not approved for kids.
I take the prescriptions back to the pharmacy, who of course have to order most of them in. And Pup has to wait two more days for his drugs.

So I am sending the surgery a bill for about an hour of my time and 5 miles travelling including petrol.

Do you think they will pay up?

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  1. At least they owned up to their mistakes. Our surgery just lie and lie to cover up.

    Infuriating though I know, hope they pay up!