Saturday, 24 November 2012

So Chuffed

   On Thursday our local camera club ran its 'Image of the year' contest, They had  three sections, projected pictures, black and white prints and mono prints. I've only been in the club a few months and only entered one contest so far; but I thought I'd have a go at this one - just for the experience. The judges in these competitions are usually really helpful in the positive comments they make. So I entered two pictures in the projected image section.

And I won!!!!!

   I was so surprised and pleased, it was such a boost. It was a really close contest with lots of super photos. They were marked out of 20, two pics got 20, but the judge chose mine as winner. My other photo scored 19. 

The old wall

Sun on the Pikes

I'm not boasting (of course). Just saying.  I wish I could show some of the other photos, there were some super shots.

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