Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It's that time of year

 Warning: this post is not for Santa believers!

  It's the time of year when I start ordering stuff.  Mysterious packages are being delivered - we had two today. Fortunately the boys are at school, so I have time to hide them before the school run. eBay and Amazon are doing well by us this year (I'm a lazy shopper) Apart from Christmas it's Himselfs birthday soon. I've got presents for him from the boys; but I haven't a clue what to get him from me. He wants slippers - WOW, exciting! 

  I do enjoy all this gift giving. When I was eleven my parents gave up celebrating Christmas, Dad thought it was way too commercialised and had lost its real meaning (true!). I tried to be grown up and understanding about it at the time, but it was hard. It is such fun choosing gifts for family, and I always enjoy the 'wrapping evenings' (ideally with a good film and a glass of wine) the week before Christmas . No, we are not very organised in our house. Our cards get sent out at the last minute too.

  Interesting dilemma this year as Tigs has decided that Father Christmas exists. He knows most of his presents come from family, but he's decided that the stocking that we fill and sneak onto his bed on Christmas Eve has to come from Santa.I did tell him that this isn't true, but he wants to believe it, and he got upset with me - so I shut up! I don't think we'll make a big issue of it. We are not big fans of Santa here; the thought of an overweight man in a red suit coming down our chimney and 'Ho Ho Hoing' is most unappealing to me! People who sneak into your house at night are burglars.

  I have a feeling that if Tigs does accept that there is no Father Christmas he will go round telling all the kids in his class, and I will become most hated mum of the year amongst the other mums. Mums who feel it is vital that their kids believe. Personally I feel it is pretty important that they believe in Jesus, but that is their choice, not mine. And it's Tigs choice if he chooses to believe in Santa. Funnily it hasn't been an issue with Pup, he became slightly confused one year when school was pushing the Santa myth, but seemed happy when I told him that Santa was a 'fun pretend'. He likes pretend games anyway, and I don't think he has ever said anything to the other kids at school. Tigs is much more literal and always asks if things are real. He likes to have his facts sorted in his head, and  he can be very determined - if  you try and correct him he will argue back, often quite logically. I am pretty sure that he won't believe for long, especially when he cottons on that the presents come whether you believe or not.

  What I really HATE is  in the weeks before Christmas when total strangers feel they can ask my kids if they've been good. This totally bewilders the boys as they've never been told that if they're naughty Santa. won't come. Nor have they been told that they are good or bad. I am terribly tempted to tell the boys to reply  "Is that any of your business?" Or something ruder. But I probably won't.

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  1. I also hate that thing where total strangers ask those questions of your children. Or worse, when they warn Mini that if he's not good then Santa won't come. For Mini, that is just too much pressure, especially when it's repeated over and over to him.

    I hope Tigs enjoys the magic of Christmas, whether he believes or not in Santa. And Pup too of course x