Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mothers little helpers

  My GP prescribed me some tablets about a month ago. Result: I feel a lot less stressed recently and much less inclined to painc about everything, far fewer white nights when I wake and lie just worrying about everything  (and I do mean everything) But last week I missed a couple of doses, and by Sunday I was feeling really antsy and anxious again. So - the tablets DO work!

  As a result of feeling so awful on Sunday I let all the boys go to Church on their own. A bad move maybe, because P and T  were not on their best behaviour and Himself had to leave the service early with them. Pup was being too rowdy. He is becoming very vocal these days. He has always been talkative which is great (most of the time!) and his teacher admits that he has a fantastic vocabulary which he uses to good effect. But he is now becoming very argumentative and sometimes will not shut up. In fact there are times when the rest of us cannot get a word in edgeways; and poor Tigs gets forgotten. Pup is in trouble as well - he is under threat of exclusion from Cubs again if he can't behave there, although we will fight that one tooth and nail for him :( His school teacher says that he is in big danger of being left behind academically at school, not for lack of intelligence, but for multiple reasons - behavioural, poor fine motor control, inability to concentrate and to multitask (eg he cannot write and think what he is writing at the same time, so although he can tell a great story, when he tries to write it down it becomes very simple and basic - on the lines of 'the boy ran, the boy ran to the shop, the shop was shut'.  We are worrying yet again about his senior school. We have to start looking next September - I know that seems ages away, but these things creep up on you.
  Meanwhile both boys teachers are off sick. Pup has had 2 of his class teachers go sick with stress so far and I am hoping that is not the problem with his year 4 teacher :(  Tigs' teacher was threatening to have a nervous breakdown the other day at his parent teacher consultation session. She seems to have drawn the short straw this year; all the rowdiest kids in the year are in  her class! 

  Anyway, I have to stop writing; the boys are in the lounge Wii ing, and it is supiciously quiet in there - no sounds of arguing. I need to go and find out why.......

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