Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Long time no blog

We've just been trogging along here, and I haven't written as there hasn't seemed like much to blog about; well only depressing stuff. We have had some good times, don't get me wrong, but I am still in that 'glass half empty' mode that I've been in for a while and I'm finding it hard to see the good in a lot of things. Less so now than last week when it felt like everything was getting too much, and I was a 'not good enough' mum. But yesterday at bedtime Tigs cuddled me from his bunk bed (a bit scary as he always leans right out, and one day he will fall out on top of me) and he said I was the 'best mum ever', and he was throwing me kisses as I left his room. So maybe I am good enough - just about.

School has today finally acnowledged that Tigs can actually read - he's just been choosing not to do so at school, for personal unexplained reasons of his own. He is a good little reader. Being quite hyperactive he has trouble doing what he's told at school, and he is always in trouble for some mischief or other. Swearing, throwing a banana skin down the toilet, hitting (usually not malicious, just over exuberance), and awful sins like going into the classroom at breaktime. I am so weary of being called over by his teacher after school to be told of his latest crime. So yesterday my heart sank as teacher came over to me, carrying a big plastic bag...
"There was an Incident at school today (oh dear....) We tried to ring you about it (oops. Must be serious) Tigs wasn't involved (incredible sense of relief) Some other boys tried to flush Tigs jacket down the toilet" 
She must think I was nuts, as in my happiness at hearing he hadn't Done Anything I made it clear I didn't give two hoots about the fate of his (brand new) winter coat. Actually the coat is fine, after two trips through the washing machine.

Pup? He shows a few signs of growing up; but with him it's one step forward, two steps back. He seems happier at school, and I'm really chuffed that I've spotted him playing with some boys from his class a couple of times recently. Progress?

 Sometimes I would love to have nice 'normal' kids. But that would be boring wouldn't it? Then again boring sounds quite appealing at times. And they can be normal. Sometimes.

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