Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Boys behaving badly

Sometimes I think that  should be the title of this blog. But I'd hate for my boys to think in ten years time that that was the way I thought of them. They are good a lot of the time. But yesterday was not our best day, and now Pup is grounded for life, and Tigs for... as long as I can hold out. However the problem with grounding your kids is that you can't go out if they are grounded. No networking with other mums in the playground after school. No chatting to friends while Tigs is at Gym club. Social isolation....
Ok ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration; but I am feeling it already, and it's only day 1.

Oh dear. And I had thought that we were making progress.

It is amazing how well behaved they were this morning. The morning after the very-early-to-bed night (for misbehaving) before. I would like to think that it will last. Dream on...

Other news. Weather grey and dismal. Himself seems less tired lately. Cats in winter raven. This is the state I've noticed all our cats experience in or about October each year, their appetite doubles. They are building up winter coats and fat layers, I suppose. The Ginge has had 3 breakfasts so far today. I can say No to the boys but not to the cats. Ginge sits on my foot and bites my leg and squeaks at me, and I instantly give in. He has the most pathetic miaow, it has absolutely no street cred whatsoever. All the local Toms must laugh behind thier paws at him. However Monocats miaow, when she chooses to use it, is low and totally tragic.
In fact The Ginge has got totally no dignity or self respect whatsoever.

 As you can see.

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