Thursday, 2 February 2012

My brain hurts

  And a lot of other bits hurt too. Having just about got over 'The Virus' (diagnosed by my GP on my sick note as 'lethargy', which doesn't sound half as impressive) I have now got a cold. Or at least it started as a cold but now it is exhaustion, aches in places I didn't know could ache, and pounding heart if I do anything.  Yesterday afternoon I took to my bed after the school run leaving Pup and Tigs downstairs alone for over an hour before Himself came home. . The house is still intact, although Himself was pretty vocal about the sticky substance of unknown origin that he found on the hall floor. And we have to accept that it was the cat who ripped up the letter from school as everyone else is denying all knowledge of it.
This morning Himself was also fairly disappointed that he had to go into work late becasue  bacause  because (I always type that word wrong!) I was not up to taking the boys to school. In fact I am barely up to climbing out of bed today, and dreading having to ring work to tell them I won't be in tomorrow, unless I stage a nearly miraculous recovery. I am disappointed that Himself was not more supportive, because of course I am feeling really sorry for myself. In fact when I am more rational in a day or two I will probably admit that he has been trying to help as much as he can, that he has taken a lot of time off work recently, and he has had a rotten cold himself. Right now I admit nothing.

 All this is very interesting - not! So what else has happened here in Middle England?

  Well, I'm afraid it seems to have been all about sickness. Tigs has had one of his colds, and when Tigs has a cold he has a cold. Not just man-flu, but really suffering with it, high temperatures, dramatic coughing, the works, poor chap. Pup too has had a cold, which is more of a worry. He was only off colour for a day or two and seems to be on the mend now, but he had a pretty amazing cough as well. I have dosed him up on antibiotics ( acca aunty bots), and he is now nearly human. And I think I already said that Himself was ill too? I did.
   Oh and The Ginge had a poorly eye for a day or two. Fortunately he seems to understand the dreaded V.E.T. word, because when I mentioned it to him his eye started to dramatically improve.

  So that's us. No, we haven't been anywhere, or done anything exciting. We are stay at homes, until such time as we are fit to join the human race.Make it SOOON. Please.

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