Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cream Crackered

I think I have a virus. That is my theory anyway, I visit the Doctor tomorrow to get confirmation.
I hope he listens because I have been off colour all week, and need to be certified tomorrow because I should be back at work (some people may say I should have been certified years ago)

So the household is getting a very thinly scraped superficial layer of attention from me this week. Likewise the family.

Cleaning is getting done in small doses. Washing is thrown in the machine and left. Actually there are sheets that have been on the line for three days. They got nearly dry yesterday, left out overnight, then it rained this morning  (sigh) The boys are being told 'Mum is on a short fuse. Be nice to her'. Pup is trying, in his usual delightfully random style. He offered to make me a cup of tea on the way home from school yesterday, and he actually remembered to do it. I nearly cried. They all brought me a bunch of flowers 'to cheer you up mummy' last Saturday. That is extravagance coming from Himself, who is NOT the last of the big spenders. Himself is really pulling his weight, which is nice; but he is understandably reluctant to take days off work just to nurse a wife who is feeling sorry for herself.

So here we go round and round. Or that's how it feels. Get one big issue sorted and something else crops up.

I shouldn't complain. We have a decent home, are warm, fed, both have job security, the kids have an excellent school. That's probably more than 90% of the world population has (don't quote me on that figure!) I'm just in a blue mood. Hence my last rather negative post.

How are the rest of the family? Oh yes, I'd forgotten about them.

Himself. Overworked and overtired all the time, or so it seems. Still manages to laugh fairly often.

Pup is just - Pup. The one and only. Wants to be a chef. Is his normal self. Still can't shake off his frustratingly persistent morning cough. Is becoming a really caring and thoughtful person - when he's not pushing hs little brother around or being totally silly.

The Chef
Tiggs. Teacher says he's growing up, and is behaving a lot better at school. Is 'off' reading at the moment. He can do the easy words and can't be bothered with the hard ones. Has a cold and therefore a horrible hacking cough, so thinks he is 'very very poorly'. Still enjoys writing on walls, despite the amount of time he spends trying to wash said writing off walls.

The cats. In winter hibernation mode. I would love to be a cat in winter. Sleeeeep! The only downside would be having to go outdoors to the loo.

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