Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Where do we go?

A difficult couple of weeks
S rang me at work last Friday to say my Dad had been admitted to hospital following a routine outpatient appointment, as his consultant thought he'd had a minor heart attack.

It didn't sound like much. (apart from the fact that Mum can't cope home alone and my sister had to rush over to be with her) We thought he'd be out after the weekend. Worrying, but not seriously so.

The Wednesday following, he was transferred to a specialist heart unit.

We got the impression they wanted to do bypass surgery on him as soon as possible. We were very wrong. They don't want to operate. He is a very high risk, not only diabetic, but asthmatic, and his heart appears to be in poor shape. If he has surgery he might be in ITU for weeks. I don't want to think about the other possiblities. They don't even want to stent his heart.

So where do we go? He is needing oxygen most of the time, even on bedrest. He had an asthma attack the other day, and they took him off his beta blockers as a result. The next day his heart went crazy for a while. He is scared and hasn't a clue what might be in store for him. He thinks that his family (my sister, mum and I) should be the ones making choices about his future. I'm not sure what he is praying for. I don't know what to ask for for him. I don't know how to help my mother.

Please God, answers soon?

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