Sunday, 9 January 2011

Annual Review

 Christmas is gone. The decorations came down on Saturday. The snow is gone (for now?) Pup is back at school.
I'm excited, it's the time of year when I start planning, and making LISTS of all the things I am not-going-to-get around-to-doing this year (note NOT New Years resolutions - can't do those)

And it's been a busy week. Not just the normal hit the ground running after our holiday (of which more later) , but Pups annual review at the hospital was last Tuesday. it's a a tiring and demanding day.

Starts with hour long bus trip to hospital at 8am. Then we wait on the Day Ward to be seen by various people.
This time he had his meeting with the dietitian first. She's pretty happy with him, although his weight and height appear to have plateaued a bit (surprising considering how he's grown out of trou. and shoes recently). She's like to get him less dependent on food substitutes like his prescribed 'Fortini' milk.- some hope! Also a bit contrary to her telling us that he is not getting enough calories. Doh.

Next the physiotherapist. An hour long session. She takes history, does cough swab. Then checks blood oxygen and pulse, gets him to do 2 minutes exercise then rechecks. Observing PEP technique and teaching us some new breathing exercises.She also observed his walking and moving and agreed to refer us to another physio who may be able to give us some advice about exercises to help him be more 'stable' on his feet (he fell really badly last week) He still can't hop properly and runs at walking speed, pretty poor for a 7 year old, but no medical people seem interested.

Then the bit he's been dreading . The blood test. Amazingly it went really well! He was terrified, on hot bricks until he was called in for it, asking everyone who came to see us in the waiting room if they'd come to do his blood test. But when it was time he went into the room with few protests, allowed himself to be sat on my lap, and looked at a  book with the play therapist while it was done. He did glance over his shoulder a few times to see how they were getting on, but he sat still. Which anyone who knows him will realise is a great achievement for him. Not like his flu jab a couple of weeks ago where he kicked hit and screamed while it was done.
Well done boy!

Then chest X-rays  times two. Just about stayed still long enough for the pics to be taken.

Then abdominal ultrasound, which he fortunately quite enjoys, fortunately because she was REALLY thorough and took about half an hour.

Discussions with specialist nurse at end. Could not see psychologist today which was frustrating - maybe next time.

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