Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dream Time

  I have a recurring dream.
  I am starting a course at college / university, and am just moving into my 'digs'.
  That's the recurring bit.

  The rest is liable to change. I may be leaving my parents / sister, or husband. In the last few years I've been leaving my kids too. But it's alright, they are being cared for by someone, and I will see them in the holidays. minimal guilt feelings. Lots of excitement. Digs vary in size / shape - often a room in an old house, sometimes student rabbit hutch. Sometimes old friends will be waiting down the corridor.
I never know what I'm going to study, or where I am - that all seems irrelevant in the dream.

  I think it's all about escapism. It's usually a good dream. Also it's about the fact that I love to study.  I may even confess here (very quietly) that I like doing exams. Weird, eh? I'm sure a psychologist would read a lot more into it, probably not to my credit.

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