Monday, 13 December 2010

'Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine'

I've had that song in my head for about a week. Keep hearing it in the shops as well. It's a nice dream of an ideal christmas that just doesn't happen - does it?
 OK Cliff it's, shmaltzy, but great to fantasise about.

But what I want to make of Christmas this year IS 'Time to rejoice in the good that we see'

I'm sure our christmas will be great. And I am looking forward to it. So are the boys. We put the tree up yesterday, and Tigs said he was so excited he claimed was about to burst.

We are making the Christmas story with Playmobil figures, to give the boys an idea of what happened.

This is Day 1 - the angel appearing to Mary. The cat is about us still grieving for Mungo. He has crept into a lot of the scenes!

So what am I trying to say? (getting distracted by pictures!) I think the point is we are all expecting so much of Christmas that it is easy to be disappointed at the actual event. We are conditioned by The Media (bow, kowtow) to anticipate a perfect day.  If you put all your hope in one thing you will be disappointed. Things will go wrong. Aunty K will say the wrong thing. The kids will upset grandad by screaming during the Queens speech. S will have chosen me the wrong jumper (or unbelievably, I might get something wrong). So this year I'm going to try and rejoice in the good, and not expect too much.

Woo - I've just seen a robin on our patio table - been trying to get birds to come to the garden for ages! Unexpected pleasures are sometimes the best.

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