Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tigs is five

About 18 months old
  This totally wild boy has reached his 5th birthday. I can't call him a toddler any more, sadly. And I can see how he's moving further away from me each day. That's the way it should be; and we've got a lot of years to go yet. But seeing my two neices who are 13 and 16 getting towards the 'leaving home' stage I can see what will happen to us in 13 (?) years or so. And it's not long. I really enjoy watching him grow and develop. Yesterday I saw a man out walking with his toddler boy, and felt very envious.  But I don't really want to go back there - do I?

  I suppose every parent feels the same; but it didn't feel so bad with Pup; partly because his little brother was still around, and partly because I suspect Pup will always be much more dependant on us. 

  I am concerned about Tigs because since he started school he seems to have lost interest in books, both in reading and being read to. And he's stopped trying to write.  I am concerned because he has a rebellious streak (no, not a streak, more like a motorway) and I think he may have stopped because he's suddenly realised that he now has to learn these things. Up until now it's been a game. And his behaviour at home has become er..... challenging. Apparently it has been similar at school. He has been keeping the teachers very busy. We have always said that he has to be kept busy; if he gets bored there is TROUBLE.

  I think its just a matter of watch, wait and hope he gets back on-line.

Meanwhile (in no particular order) more pics:
With Grandpa

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