Thursday, 8 September 2011

A new beginning

Tigs started school this week.

He admitted to me that he was a bit worried, and he has regressed slightly lately; in the nicest possible way. He taken to carrying his cuddly cat and half a dozen of his bears around with him at home(he's a bit of an arctophile) He's also been taking them to bed, which he stopped doing a few months ago. He tried to smuggle his doll into his school bag. And dad and I are getting lots more cuddles than usual.
I like it.
On the day school started he ran out of his bedroom at 7 o'clock screaming "I'm going to school, I'm going to school!"
Since then he has been high as a kite, although I have noticed yesterday that  the wind is dropping slightly.
 When we got to school the first morning he was all for kissing me goodbye in the corridor; he did not seem at all concerned. I had to persuade him that I was coming into the classroom.for a while.
That day he literally bounced all the way home from school (we have a ten minute walk to school)

Pup seems to be coping ok in his new class so far as well. He has a male teacher this year, which we are very happy about. They seem to be getting down to work straight away - year 3 means real work, no more play. I think it will do him good.

And I am getting used to a new era, of being child free at home. The first day I felt completely lost, and spent about an hour wandering the house. Going out for lunch to a friend whose little boy has just started as well  was a real help. Today is my first full day home alone. It is going very slowly......

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