Sunday, 18 September 2011

In my dreams...

......once my little Tigs started school, I would be free to get so much done. have tons of time, and be full of energy to complete a few projects and start dozens more. To do some voluntary work. To maybe do a few extra hours paid work.

In my dreams.

The reality? The last two weeks trying to organise moving Mum to her new home, rushing over to the old house at weekends to sort / pack up / throw away all my parents nearly 50 years of married life, plus a tons of stuff belonging to grandparents. Trying to hold it together on the one day a week I do go into work, so it doesn't show that I am shattered all the time.

Well we have finally moved mum, and have an offer on the house, which we are minded to accept. So phase 47 of the 'sort out the parents' plan is over. The most important bit - get mum somewhere to live where (I hope) she can be safe and happy. Relax for ten seconds. Now move on to the next phase. Sort out money, start the massive job of emptying our spare room of the piles of clutter we've acquired. Sell a few things.

And Tigs has just gone down with one of his stinking colds - and when he gets a cold he gets one. So that's one little boy who won't be going to school tomorrow, so I can't go visit mum to see if she's settling in or needs anything. Still, I'm happy that she is in the 'right' place; everything seems to say she's where she should be. I hope she feels the same and settles quickly. I hope so, because I chose this home for her.

mum and dad
I can't imagine what it must be like at 82 to lose your husband, home, and most of your pssessions, to move 50 miles from home to where very few people know you, to a home chosen by someone else; and to have to start again. I just pray it will be easy for her. She coped really well with the journey, although she was exhausted, and the staff were very welcoming.  It's a small residential home, with about 25 residents with really friendly staff. I thinks she'll like it. I hope so!

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