Monday, 15 August 2011


  I have been looking at my last few posts and detected a sad and maybe monotonous theme running though them.
And it's a bit misleading really, because our life is going on here despite the fact that Dad is missing from it.

  The kids are as hyper as ever. Tigs excelled himself yesterday by throwing moonsand ALL OVER the kitchen, then tipping a bottle of linseed oil out all over the summerhouse floor (at least it wasn't anything worse - we store our old paint pots in there!) He is full of destructive mischief at the moment. He writes on his bedroom wall and furniture (his 'job' this morning is to wash down part of the wall). This morning I walked into his bedroom to find he's ripped all his posters off the wall. Fine, he'll have to do without them. He's torn a massive hole in the wall of the trampoline doing a somersault - thankfully it did its job and he didn't fall off. He really needs school! not that I want rid of him, but I feel I'm not giving him enough; that it's partly boredom that is making him like this. At least I hope it is . If not I may just have to accept the truth - that that I am rearing a vandal!
   It's only 3 weeks until he starts school. Only 3 weeks holiday to go. I was really looking forward to this holiday, but now I approach each day thinking 'what will he destroy or break  today?' :-(
  Both boys are banned from their bikes for riding them in the road without supervision, so they can't let off steam that way. And the trampoline's not safe. And the slide has been condemned, it is getting old and unsafe. Oh dear.

   Nothing for it but the paddling pool today. He will get 'stuck in', and have a great time as usual. I do enjoy seeing his energy, and the enthusiasm with which he throws himself into everything. May that enthusiasm extend to school!

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