Tuesday, 2 August 2011

losing the plot

Yes, I did.
On Sunday morning I couldn't find any clothes to wear to church. I mean any clothes that were clean, ironed and fitted me; I don't just mean something smart co-ordinated and 'suitable'.
So I lost it. Threw clothes around the room, emptied my drawers onto the floor. Scared the cats. And the huisband (kids of course were impervious to it all.) Himself was walking on eggshells for the rest of the day. And my fuse was very short for the rest of the day - and still is.
We had a friend coming to lunch that day. Fortunately (for the situation, not for her), she had lost her father recently and understood how grieving can take you in the most unexpected directions. One direction it has taken me in is comfort eating. Not good for the wardrobe. Anyway friend has volunteered to take me for a clothes shop in September - can't wait. Need some therapy.
And w are off on holiday soon - a week of just us and a tent. No hi tech stuff (except for my camera which I cannot do without these days.)
Time to relax. We all need it!

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