Monday, 14 March 2011

Japan ... and a kitten

Who isn't thinking or talking about that desparate country at the moment?

Isn't it at the back of your mind all the time, as life goes on as normal here?

It is so strange to me that we can be living the same old mundane life, but another wealthy 'civilized' country on the other side of Earth is falling apart? It amazes me that we heard about the earthquake within minutes, and were seeing pictures, videos almost as soon. On the news it's "2000 bodies washed ashore", "Nuclear plant going into meltdown", "Thousands left without power, food or water in the freezing cold" while I sit here and sup tea, having put my kids to bed. It feels surreal. Can't shut out other nations tragedies these days. They are forced down your throat by the media. And it is probably good that we do know; we need to know, we need to care.

There have been so many tragedies recently, and nothing I can do to help seems adequate. If I sold everything I had and rushed out there to volunteer help; would it really make any significant difference? So it's so easy to say "No, it wouldn't be more than a drop in the ocean of need out there. So maybe it's not worth helping".

But it must be worth helping. But I don't know how. How to give, who to give to (which needy situation? which charity?) How much to give? Give money - or something else? And I find the impossibility of choosing paralyses me, and I don't give. Well not enough anyway. And I'm not sure what to pray for except "God please help!" Boy 1 prayed for the earthquake to stop tonight. I wish I could pray so easily for the tragedy to STOP.

A friend came for coffee this morning and we talked kids, and the usual domestic worries. We analysed our children, their schools, all the usual mum concerns. We didn't mention the rest of the world. We discussed this little fellow.
he is still nameless
I am incredibly excited about our new adoption. He's coming to live with us in a weeks time. Is it wrong to be so happy in anticipation of such a little thing (and he is so tiny...), while the Arab world is in a state of bloody flux, Japan is grieving, food and petrol prices are 'spiralling out of control' (if  I every use that phrase again pleas shoot me, I hate it) I don't think it's wrong, any more wrong that enjoying the recent much longed for sunshine, the daffodils coming up, the local blackbird who is in excellent voice. Still feel guilty about it though. But I am going to enjoy it all!
Quince in flower
God is in his heaven.... all is not wrong with the world.

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